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  • Are APSE Products Vegan?
    Our products are always plant-based. The products we use are not directly from animal or byproduct. While our products are always cruelty-free, animal free and non-toxic (not to mention AMAZING for the skin) a few of the ingredients are made in a factory that also makes non-vegan products, so we can't guarantee that they are 100% vegan. If that's not much of a worry to you though, our cacao is 100% cacao (no dairy or sugar) and our other ingredients were made without animal additives or any kind. Disclaimer: We do not consider honey a violation of our vegan beliefs. We know some vegans are very sensitive about the bees, which is why we use organic traceable honey from farms where bees are humanely treated.
  • When Will My Favorite Product Be Restocked?
    Unfortunately we do not have specific restock dates. Typically, products are back in stock within a week of going out of stock, so make sure you check back frequently. This does not include products that are subject to discontinuation or clearance items. Those may be gone forever so grab them while you can! Additionally, if you shoot us an email or chat with us directly, we may be able to assist you with expected restock times. You may also request to be notified when a product is back in stock.
  • Can I Change My Order?
    You may change or cancel your order within an hour of placing the order. Email explaining the issue and we will do our best to accommodate you. **NOTE: Once orders have been shipped they cannot be changed or cancelled.
  • I'm Not Sure If This Is The Right Color For Me. What Should I Do?
    APSE is here to help! Message us through our convenient chat app, DM us on instagram or send us an email if you are unsure about a specific color. Quick Guide to Setting Powders: Pearlescent: Pale or lightest skin tones Whipped Honey: Golden or lighter skin tones Sweet Cocoa: Brown or medium skin tones Mocha Latte: Deep or darkest skin tones
  • I'd Love to Collaborate With APSE!
    Awesome! We'd love to welcome you to the family! Send us an email at subject heading "Collaboration" and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Make sure you include your social media handle(s) and the best way to contact you in the body of the email. Ancient Path Skin Essentials does not pay for collaborations. If there is a fee for you to showcase our products, we thank you for you interest, however, we do respectfully decline to participate. All other collaboration details will be provided via email upon reaching out for interest.
  • Will This Mask Break Me Out?
    We hope not! All of the ingredients used in APSE products (but especially the face masks) are natural! Most of them are even edible, but like with most foods, make sure you know what your body can and cannot handle. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the masks please do not use that particular mask. Ingredients are listed on the bottle label and on the site. Our site is always open for questions concerning our products as well, so don’t hesitate to reach out!
  • Will This Mask Cure My Problem Area?
    APSE products are designed to aid in the natural healing of various skin afflictions. We do not claim to have a cure for any ailment and avidly promote a healthy diet as a prevention for acne, discoloration, break outs, etc. The FDA has not evaluated our statements and, as with any new product, you should always patch test to make sure the product you've purchased is right for you. It's also pretty important to note that, with all things, what works for one person may not work for you. No product is a "quick fix" and patience is key. Couple our products with a healthy diet for best results!
  • How Do I Know If A Mask Is Really Right For Me?
    As with all of our products, a spot test is the best way to go! Using the chosen product, coat a small, unnoticeable patch of skin and wait at least 24 hours to see if it reacts negatively. If your skin condition gets better or no harmful reaction is observed, you're good to go! However, if the skin worsens in any way, stop use immediately. It is important to note that APSE cannot take back or refund any used products. APSE is also not responsible for any allergic reactions, break outs or inflammations due to products. Please visit our terms and conditions or email us at info@AncientPathSE for more info.
  • When Does My Mask Expire?
    Unactivated masks last about 5 months. Activated masks are safe to use anywhere between 2 and 5 weeks after activation. Refrigerate all unused activated masks after opening. Regardless of what the mask expiration period is, make sure you note any mold, unusual smells, odd discoloration*** or tiny black spots in your mask. If any of these or any other odd activity occur with your mask, throw it out immediately. ***Some ingredients like Turmeric tend to color bleed after sitting. This is normal. The color change in your mask, however, should match with your mask ingredients. For example, the Keep It Smooth! Mask has Pomegranate Juice Powder. So once activated, some redish color bleeding is not odd. The Keep It Matte! mask, however, has no Pomegranate Juice Powder, or any other red powders. If this begins to turn red, toss it immediately.
  • What If I Still Have a Lot of Mask Left and I Don't Think I'll Use It All?
    Freeze It! Freezing an activated mask is the perfect way to retain moisture and save money. Just grab an old school ice tray, use plastic wrap to line the insides for easy removal, separate the mask into each little hole and store! The mask should last an additional month in the freezer. You can also prevent mask waste by only activating a little at a time. Mix the mask powder before opening, then only pour out about 3 tablespoons of powder into a clean bowl. Portion your honey (if applicable) as needed and mix with water. Store the rest of the honey and powder in a dry space.
  • Should I Activate The Whole Thing Or Just a Little?
    It's totally up to you! Just keep in mind that Manuka Honey Pods, for the masks that have them, have been portioned for the entire mask. So you may not see the same results it you choose to activate some now and save the rest. The great thing is that the Manuka Honey Pods have a long life span. So If you choose not to use it or want to space it out between uses, it'll always be ready when you need it.
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