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Our Story

The Vision for Ancient Path Skin Essentials and What we Can Do For You.

Your Journey Begins Here

Ancient Path Skin Essentials offers unparalleled service with real results. Using time tested remedies and the finest quality products, every treatment is customized to your specific needs to help reach your goals quickly and effectively. We’re committed to helping you look and feel your personal best. Our highly professional staff, holistic approach, and comforting atmosphere makes Ancient Path Skin Essentials the best choice for your skin treatment needs.

The Holistic Approach and How It Benefits You

If this is your first time hearing the word "holistic" or hearing it paired with "skin care," it's an honor to share the concept we are so passionate about with you. 

Let's consider a car; a beautiful, shiny, red sports car, in fact, that consistently seems to be littered with dents that make the owner a bit insecure about driving it. Now, a solution to the dents may be to take it to a shop, pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to remove the dents and continue to pay this money when the dents "suddenly" reappear...

Or the owner could just stop putting dents in their own car.

The wise solution would be for the owner to be mindful of where they park and how they drive, while understanding that things happen that we cannot control.


This is holistic skin care. 

Holistic skin care is understanding that the skin is not some unassociated part of the body and it is directly affected by what we do, where we go and how we live. Our food and habitat change the way our skin thrives and affect the effectiveness of the materials we use to manage it. When clients ask us for recommendations on a product, it would be business savvy to just suggest the most expensive product we sell, but it wouldn't be right or beneficial to you. Instead we ask the questions that matter: What's your diet like? Have you moved states recently? Is your city known for having "hard water"? What's your recent workload been like? etc. Then we recommend a topical solution to aid your skin from the outside in.

And though to some this may seem invasive, the truth is, it matters. Topical skin care is completely ineffective if it isn't followed up by changing the things that cause the issues in the first place.


We want to see your skin thriving and feeling and looking its best. This is why, coming in 2023, we'll not only begin offering formal consultations, but we'll also be providing recommendations, helpful printouts, one-on-one, step-by-step skin coaching, and more to help you revive the state of your skin.

How We Got Here

Since 2019, Ancient Path Skin Essentials has been a trendsetting online store, offering our first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes. We’re a business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update and improve the online shopping experience. 

We began with the desire to change the way the beauty industry dealt with skin care. Fresh out of college and low on funds, but determined to feel good in my own skin, I found myself torturing my skin with pounds of expensive chemical ladened make up. To correct the issues this caused, I "cleansed" with products that had similar chemicals and were twice as expensive. Desperate for a solution, I spent hours searching for something better. 

I began with a simple product, a setting powder, that would lock my makeup in place and subsequently developed other make up products that eliminated my need to buy anything harmful to my skin. But when my passion for makeup left me, I was back to square one with dry, unmanageable skin. 

The Permanent Solution

It was easy to blame makeup for all my skin problems, but in truth the answer was me. I was a junk food junkie, a stress-a-holic and I neglected basic skin care practices. I had rosacea, hyperpigmentation, dark marks and regular acne breakouts. The solution? A lifestyle change. I went vegan, increased my water and exercise intake, and learned to manage life's stressors in a healthy way. And while this helped tremendously, the rosacea and acne still came and went as it pleased. Enter Ancient Path Skin Essentials.

Ancient Path Skin Essentials is more than just a skin care brand. It's a holistic approach to healing. By combining better lifestyle choices and my own handmade remedies, I watched my problematic skin become smooth and supple in days. And now, I'm sharing those exact same recipes with you, certain they will help you as they've helped me.

Our online store has become synonymous with quality, and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise that fit any budget. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. The team at Ancient Path Skin Essentials knows that every product counts, and strives to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding and fun as possible. Check out our store and special offers, and get in touch with questions or requests.

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